Do I need to register as a member before using the online ticketing service?

No, non-member can also enjoy our service.


Do I need to pay any service charge for online ticketing?

There is a service charge per ticket on any purchase via www.cinema.com.hk. Please click here for more details.


What means of payment does the online ticketing accept?

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Cinema Gift Card.


Can I use virtual card to purchase ticket online?

Virtual card is not accepted for internet ticketing in this website since you are required to present your credit card to collect the ordered tickets. Customer who booked tickets online, must show the credit card/ cinema gift card when pick up tickets at the specific cinema box office or automatic ticketing machine. Anyone who cannot show the physical credit card / cinema gift card will be declined to pick up the booked ticket(s) without any refund or any kind of compensation


Is it safe to provide my personal information during the registration process?

Please refer to "Privacy Policy" section.


How many tickets can I purchase online?

In each transaction, you can only choose max. 8 seats in consecutive order and in the same row.


Can I use coupons or discounts (e.g. discounts for Broadway Cinematheque members) through online ticketing?

In general, apart from bc VIP membership, MOViE MOViE Member and specific credit card discount, other coupons and discount are not accepted through online ticketing.


Can I purchase child/senior/student tickets online?

Concession tickets are available for sale online.


How can I pick up the ordered tickets?

Please bring along with your credit card that used in the online transaction, and pick up the ticket(s) via Auto-Ticketing Machine at the cinema you selected.


Can I pick up the ordered tickets for one theatre at another cinema of Broadway Circuit?

You should only pick up the tickets at the cinema you chose.


If I don't pick up the ticket, will my credit card account be charged?

Once the transaction is done successfully, your credit card account will be charged.


What should I do if I booked wrong tickets after the payment process is completed?

You cannot cancel the order or change seats once you press [CONFIRM] button to proceed the payment process. All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


If I didn't get a Confirmation page after payment process, what should I do? (Applicable for Cinema.com.hk Member/ bc VIP member/ MOViE MOViE member only)

You can go to "Ticket record" then check whether your transaction is successful.


What should I do with my tickets if a typhoon signal 8 or above or blackrain storm signal is hoisted?

In general, Broadway Circuit cinemas may remain open during typhoon signal 8, 9, 10 or blackrain storms. But if you cannot attend the show, please go to the respective cinema box office directly and present your tickets, credit card or gift card used in the order within 3 days after the typhoon or blackrain date to exchange the same number of tickets of other show as your purchased. No refund is accepted.


What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

Please click "Login" at the upper right corner , then choose the button [Forget Your Password] for help.


How can I change my registration information?

You can go to [Account Information] after login then choose [Edit Member Profile] at the right side to change any of your registered information except the user ID.