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Film Festival

Movie-related Activities and Film Festival

The name “Broadway” is known for its reputation as the birthplace of many famous art and entertainment performances in modern history, which deeply touched the hearts and minds of countless audiences from across the world. Since our establishment in 1950, Broadway Cinema shares the above vision, and has worked hard to curate a wide range of movies for our customers to suit their varied tastes and interests. Other than a must-see variety of blockbusters, our cinemas also provide a diverse and unique selection of the newest and internationally-renowned films and programs from all over the world, including Concerts, Ballets, Musicals, Opera, Recitals, broadcasting live sporting events and hosting different themes of the film festival. These genres are all part of our regular offerings, aimed to suit the tastes and needs of Hong Kong moviegoers and to accommodate the diverse and cosmopolitan culture of our city. Each of our cinemas feature a unique design, and are equipped with the most advanced digital cinema equipment, offering audiences an unforgettable visual and audio enjoyment.

Taking a bold step by expanding into uncharted territory, Broadway Cinematheque (bc) was founded in November 1996 and has since become the most exciting and stimulating cinema concept in Hong Kong. Located in Yau Ma Tei, a place with a diverse cultural scene, our Broadway Cinematheque (bc) brand creates a sense of belonging among film enthusiasts and has undoubtedly helped cultivate local film culture through a series of film-and-culture related activities. Our location has risen to iconic status in the minds of enthusiasts over the years, and has become a landmark in the burgeoning local film community. Its unique offerings include director retrospectives, thematic film programs, seminars, courses, meet-the-director sessions, film festival Hong Kong that are all aimed at sophisticated movie viewers with a penchant for arts and culture.

What’s more, Broadway Cinematheque (bc) has a dedicated membership programme that features a bonus points scheme, welcome/renewal gifts and discount offers! So what are you waiting for? Become a bc VIP member today and enjoy these exciting offers, and dive into a world of thrilling special features, film catalogue and film festival Hong Kong like no other.