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Anticipating the release of a new Hong Kong movie, or simply want to know what’s on during the holiday period? Look no further for all future releases by month.

This page shows the full list of movies and programs that are coming soon at Broadway Circuit. Click on the movie to get all the details, such as movie name, synopsis, director and cast list. What’s more, you can also click the movie trailer icon for a quick preview, or share the page with family and friends to let them know of an upcoming movie Hong Kong release!

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city with diverse cultures. As currently the largest cinema circuit in Hong Kong, Broadway Circuit has always strived to provide a wide range of movies and programs to suit varied tastes and interests. Apart from mainstream movies and Hollywood blockbusters, Broadway Circuit has also curated a unique collection of arthouse gems, concerts, ballets, musicals, opera, recitals, and even live broadcasts of sporting events for local audiences to enjoy.

To branch out and diversify our brand, the Broadway Cinematheque (bc) was established in November 1996 and has since grown to become the most exciting and stimulating cinema concept in Hong Kong. Today, our unique location is renowned and frequented by many local film enthusiasts, and has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in cultivating our local Hong Kong movie culture in the past decades. In an effort to broaden our offerings, we also bring Hong Kong movie fanatics an array of director retrospectives, thematic film programs, seminars, courses, as well as meet-the-director sessions to help audiences discover and rediscover film as a form of art and culture.

For enquiries, please call our General Enquiry Hotline, PALACE Hotline, bc Member Hotline, or MOViE MOViE Hong Kong Member Hotline directly for assistance.