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Simply the best immersive movie experience in the world. Seeing really is believing when it comes to IMAX and every seat literally is “the best seat in the house”.

The New Territories West has welcomed its very first IMAX Hong Kong cinema! Situated within the trendy Yuen Long YOHO Mall, the IMAX cinema has already garnered rave reviews in the short time since it opened in mid-2017. Designed with younger audiences in mind, the “My Cinema” brand delivers excitement and quality in abundance. The cinema occupies 55,000 square feet, and is outfitted with 7 cinemas and up to 1,243 comfy house seats. Our proud new cinema features bold new concepts, amenities and not mention - the most advanced audio and visual technology on the market today.

The IMAX HK cinema boasts the most spacious seats and legroom, making it the most comfortable IMAX cinema in Hong Kong. The auditorium –style cinema layout also provides an unobstructed view from all angles for maximum pleasure. Also, the installation of premium vibrating seats heightens viewing sensation across all movie genres and formats, not just IMAX. To suit the personal preferences of audiences, these seats are installed every other row for a more tailor-made experience.

What’s more, the IMAX HK cinema employs the latest RealD Precision White Screens and 4K Laser projectors, which significantly enhances the efficiency of projection brightness and provides astonishingly sharp imagery. The cinema is the first in Hong Kong to deploy 4K laser projectors across all its house cinemas, an arrangement that will surely suit the market’s future needs. The cinema is also outfitted with the advanced DTS:X surround sound system, providing 360-degrees powerful digital surround sound for a surreal cinematic experience.

Packing the latest technology with a bold and unique design, the My Cinema IMAX movie experience is definitely one not to be missed!